What is SMS?

Definition – What does SMS mean?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a most common communication technology for mobile data transfer and is characterized by the exchanging text messages between digital line and mobile devices. Typically, the message can be up to 160 characters in length, though some services use a 5-bit mode that enables to send more than 224 characters. The technology was originally created for phones that use GSM communication, but now all the major phone system support it.

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SMS is supported by all Global System for Mobile Communication mobile devices and is also available on the 3G wireless network. While SMS is a most basic technology for text messaging between friends or co-workers, it has numerous other uses such as subscription SMS services that can transmit news, weather, sports updates, etc. Short Message Service can also notify employees of sales inquiries, service stops and all the other information pertinent to their business.

SMS messages are also sent via web-based applications such as Instant Messages application and Voice over Internet Protocol applications including Skype. An SMS is sent from one device to the SMS Center that is turn communicates with mobile networks in order to determine the subscriber’s location. Then the message is forwarded as a small data packet to its destination device. All the subsequent messages sent by the original source device undergo the same process called the store and forward.

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