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What is Snapchat?

Definition – What does Snapchat mean?

Snapchat is a world of most leading social, mobile application and service for sharing images, videos, and messages with other people around the world. This social media platform offers several ideas for sharing quick updates with friends without accruing media or messages on your mobile. The app is available to use on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices. Once you download and install the app in your device, you need to create an account and add friends without any limitation. With this, you can easily take a snap and send it to one or more in your friend’s list. You can also use Snapchat to send quick messages that disappear once the recipient reads them.

Glossary Web explains Snapchat

In order to take a photo in Snapchat, you just need to tap the capture button while the camera is ON. To take a video, hold down the button for a few seconds to record your clip. Once you are doing your photo or video, you can swipe right or left to apply stunning filters or add another one of several advanced level effects. You can also be able to tap the T icon in the upper right to add text and tap on the pencil icon to select a color and draw on your snap before sending it to the others. One of the funniest and addictive features is that it detects your face and can apply fun effects to your selfie.

The Snapchat app enables you to send your images or videos directly to the friends or share them with all your friends by adding them to your Story. After you capture, you can tap the + icon near the bottom of the screen in order to add the snap to your story. Your friends can view your content and stories you’ve added for 24 hours after you publish them. The app also enables you to view your friend’s stories by swiping to the Stories screen.

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