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What is SSID?

Definition – What does Service Set Identifier (SSID) mean?

Service Set Identifier (SSID) is a unique ID that consists of 32 characters that are used for naming wireless networks. When several wireless networks overlap in a certain location, the IDs make sure that data gets sent to the correct destination. A device waiting to connect to the wireless network with the SSID enabled must have the same SSID in order to communicate, and when connecting to the network, you may see several SSIDs from your neighbor’s routers.

Glossary Web explains Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Service Set Identifier is different than the name that is assigned to a router. This will be the name that user see when browsing data available networks, but the SSID is a different 32 characters string that ensures the network name is different from the other nearby networks. Each packet sent over the wireless network includes the SSID that ensure that the data is sent over the air arrives at the right location. Without service set identifiers sending and receding data in the location with several wireless networks that would be chaotic and unpredictable.

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