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What is Standalone?

Definition – What does Standalone mean?

A standalone refer to a device that is able to function independently of other hardware that means it does not require any other device to perform functions. TiVo box is one of the best examples of a standalone device that can record television programs, while a DVR that is integrated into a digital cable box is not standalone. Typically all the integrated devices are less expensive than many standalone products that perform the same functions. However, using standalone devices enables the user greater customization, whether it be a computer system or home theater.

Glossary Web explains Standalone

The word standalone also refer to the computer software program that does not require any other software than the operating system (OS) to run that means most of the software programs are standalone programs. Programs such as plug-ins, add-ons and expansion packs for video games are not standalone programs since they will not run unless a certain software is already installed.

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