What is Tweak?


Definition – What does Tweak mean?

Tweak or Tweaking is a process of complicated fine-tuning devices, typically electronic devices. When you repair or modify a piece of hardware to increase its performance, it is often referred to as tweaking it. Overclocking the computer’s CPU on the motherboard are the most common example of hardware tweaking. The term Tweak also used with software as a software tweaking. In simple words, tweaking is a method for making small changes to the fine tune hardware or software.

Glossary Web explains Tweak

Software tweaking is a function of improving the functionality of an application or enhancing the quality of its end result. It can be done manually or with the help of specialized tweaking software program. Lots of open-source products including Linux also encourage tweaking. Most of the software developers such as the LAME MP3 Encoder, perform continuous software tweaking to maintain modern software applications, shape programming code boundaries and remain competitive.

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