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What is URL?

Definition – What does URL mean?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator is a unique identifier that is used to locate a resource on the Internet. URL is also referred to as the web address. It is consists of multiple parts such as protocol and domain name that tell the browser how and where to retrieve resources. Users use URL by typing them directly into the address bar of the browser or by clicking on the bookmark. The term URL is also known as a string of the character that is used to identify resources over the network.

Glossary Web explains URL

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) holds the name of the protocol needed to access the resources, as well as a resources name. The first part of the URL is identified what protocol to use as the primary access medium and the second part identifies the domain name or IP address where is a resource is located. While most websites used HTTP or HTTPS protocol, but lots of other protocol are also available to use such as FTP, NEWS, FILE, MAILTO, and lots others. Each one has its own objectives and uses.

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