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What is VGA?

Definition – What does VGA mean?

Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a type of computer cable that contains visual display data from the CPU to the monitor. A complete VGA cable consists of a cable and a connector at both ends, commonly the colors of the connectors are blue. A standard VGA connect has 15 pins and is shaped like a trapezoid. The standard of the VGA cable was originally designed in 1987 by IBM and enabled for a display resolution of 640x480p. Since then, various revisions of the standard have been introduced and the Super VGA that allow for resolutions larger than 640×480 such as 800×600 or 1014×768.

Glossary Web explains VGA

Primarily, VGA Cable is used to link a computer to the monitor. One end of the cable is attached to the port in the graphics card on the CPU motherboard, and another end is attached to the port in the monitor. When the computer is turned ON, the video card transmits video display signals via the VGA cable that is then displayed on the monitor. There are different types of VGA cables are available in the market, where shorter cables with coaxial cable and insulation deliver better display quality.

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