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What is Vlog?

Definition – What does Vlog mean?

Vlog is short for video blog is a blog, or weblog, that includes video clips. The blog may be just video-based or may include both video and written commentary. There are multiple types of vlogs are available on the internet that includes instructional videos, personal commentaries and travel updates, etc. People who create video blog are called vloggers and vloggers post videos for fun, while others run vlogs for the purpose of making revenue through advertisements.

Glossary Web explains Vlog

While it is possible to set up a vlog site most of the bloggers post their content on YouTube since it makes their videos easier to discover. Moreover, YouTube offers unlimited free video hosting that means vloggers can easily post videos without paying web hosting fees. In order to create a video blog, all you need is a high-quality video camera, Internet connection, and of course a good idea. While a cell phone camera can get the job done, a standalone high-definition video camera will produce much higher quality videos. You can easily publish videos as often as you like, though if you choose to maintain a blog, it helps to post them at reliable intervals including once a day or once a week. This helps your audiences know when new videos will be available that makes them more likely to remain to visit your vlog.

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