What is VPN?


Definition – What does VPN mean?

Virtual Private Network is a technology that enables network users to create a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network. The technology was created as a way to enable remote users and branch offices to access the corporate application and all the other resources securely. In order to ensure safety through secure tunnels and VPN users must use authentication methods such as passwords, tokens or other unique ID procedures in order to gain access to the VPN server.

Glossary Web explains VPN

Most businesses use VPNs in order to communicate across multiple locations. For example, a company has offices in multiple cities may need to send data to different cities via the Internet. In order to keep information secure, the company set up a VPN with an encrypted connection. It is related to having a secure intranet connection over the Internet. On a lesser scale, individual users may have a VPN account with their company that enables them to link to their office PC from their home or another area.

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