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What is Web Forum?

Definition – What does Web Forum mean?

Web Forum is also known as Internet forums, discussion board and the online bulletin board is a unit of a website that enables visitors to communicate with each other by posting messages. Most of the web forums allow anonymous visitors to view forum postings but require an account to post messages in the forum. When posting in a forum, the user can create new topics or post replies within existing threads.

Glossary Web explains Web Forum

Web forums are comprised of user-generated content and continue to grow as long as users visit the site and post messages. The webmaster of a website simply needs to manage a site with a forum that may require moving, combine, and archive threads.

Because Web forums are continually growing, it is known as the main and a large part of the Web. In fact, if the user searches for help on different types of topics, it is also a chance one or more forum pages will appear in the top results. It also allows the user to use forums to glean knowledge from others who have shared your questions in the past. With the help of Web forums, the user can also help others by sharing his ideas and answers in an online forum.

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