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What is WHOIS?

Definition – What does WHOIS mean?

WHOIS is a most popular Internet service that searches and displays information pertaining to the domain name from repositories of domain name registrars worldwide. It is free to use a server that enables users to search specific domain name’s availability and in case that it’s registered, the assigned entity or person to whom it is registered. WHOIS service was first conceived in 1982 as an enhancement to the Nickname protocol that was introduced by ARPANET.

Glossary Web explains WHOIS

WHOIS is primarily used to search and identify for a specific domain name. The service also supports searching Internet Protocol addresses and propriety intranet systems. For lookup registered domains, WHOIS provides administrative information such as registrar and contact information for organization or individual that controls the domain. Earlier versions of WHOIS is offered services in order to deliver search results based on the last name, keyword-based search and searching for domains based on administrator name.

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