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What is Wi-Fi?

Definition – What does Wi-Fi mean?

Wi-Fi is a popular type of wireless network technology that is designed for connecting to the internet. The frequencies Wi-Fi work at 2.4GHz or 5GHz, ensure no interference with cell phones, radio, TV antenna, and two-way radios are met during transmission. Basically, Wi-Fi is radio waves broadcast from Wi-Fi router, a hardware device that detects and deciphering the waves and then back sending back data to the router. It works similarly to an FM radio, but it is a two-way communication channel. It works over longer distances than Bluetooth or infrared, and it also lows power unobtrusive technology.

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Today, there are multiple standards of Wi-Fi with different speed and power requirements; the earliest standard was 802.11b that is slowest but expensive. This was soon upgraded to 802.11a and 802.11g, both of this standard include technology for splitting the radio signal and thus reduce interference. The most advanced standard of the Wi-Fi s 802.11n that allow longer range and data throughout.

Wi-Fi network may be public, private or maybe for home use only as well as citywide. Wi-Fi was originally used by organizations because of its innovativeness and cost. But as with everything electronic, after the passage of time means it becomes more affordable to more internet users. Multiple tech-savvy home users now hook up their home Internet connections and device communications using the Wi-Fi. All the latest computers are Wi-Fi enabled and include built-in hardware for connection to a Wi-Fi network.

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