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What is WordPerfect?

Definition – What does WordPerfect mean?

WordPerfect is a word processing application introduced by SSI (Satellite Software International) and owned by Corel. The best known for its availability on a large number of operating system and computers. The program reached the height of its popularity in the mid-1980s and since eclipsed by Microsoft Word in terms of numbers of people who use it.

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The common filename extension of WordPerfect document file is .wpd. Some older versions of WordPerfect also used .wp, wp7, wp6, wp5 and wp4 file extension and originally no at all. The WordPerfect program is recognized for three major characteristics such as Streaming code architecture, Reveal code feature and a user-friendly scripting language known as PerfectScript.

It used almost every possible combination of function keys with Alt, Ctrl and Shift modifiers. This was in contrast to early versions of WordStar that used on Ctrl, in conjunction with all the traditional typing keys. Most of the people still know and use the function key combination from the DOS version that was specially designed for Data General Dasher VDUs which supported two group of five plain, shift, control and control shift function keys.

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