What is Zoom Slider?

Definition – What does Zoom Slider mean?

Zoom Slider, that is also known as Zoom Bar, is the slider available in all the Microsoft products that allow the user to zoom in and zoom out of a document without having to press any commands or keys. It saves time and allows for quick analysis of the paper under work.

Glossary Web explains Zoom Slider

The location of such a slider is fixed, mostly on the right side of the page at the bottom where it shows as a small page itself. The user just has to click the page and then zoom in to see the document, by repeating the same process the document zooms out. Various documents that include details such as diagrams, images and other texts that are important for the author use this facility as they analyze in detail all the features associated.

The process of accessing the option from the menu is easy, the user just clicks on the status bar and clicks zoom slider, then they change the percentage of the page based on the requirement. It is not same as page zoom option where the person using just enters a value to which they want to zoom the page.

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